About-VivianHi everyone. Welcome to my Motorcycle Helmet 4 All website. Motorcycles and specifically adventure riding has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. Except for the fact that my motorcycle gets me from point A to B, owning a motorcycle personifies freedom and a way of escape from all the stresses and strains of modern life.

Donning my helmet, I instantly get the feeling of a heavy load being lifted and a feeling of excitement rushing over me. I am fortunate to live in Cape Town, South Africa where we have many options of where to ride. Whether I feel like just taking the tarred road and enjoying a “breakfast run” or an adrenaline fed outing up and down our many mountain passes, to the weekend getaway touring this beautiful country of mine on our many, many dirt roads leading to where only a motorcycle can take you.

Motorcycling has given me so much over the years and I’ve seen places I would not have been able to access otherwise. Now I want to give back.

During the many, many kilometers on the saddle, I’ve really come to appreciate wearing the correct helmet. Those who have driven more than an hour in the pouring rain will know what I’m talking about.

Through my website, I want to offer others the opportunity to make the correct choice by sharing my insights experiences, reviews and guidance with their helmet purchases.


I remember exactly where my love affair with motorcycles started. It was 1983 and I watched a movie called “The Silver Dream Racer” with David Essex in the main role. I was spellbound from the start to the finish. I just wanted a motorcycle and experience that feeling, quoted so many times, “just you and the machine”.

I bought my first helmet (Red, white a blue colored Nolan Full Face) a year before I could purchase my first bike and I tell you, I slept in that helmet, ate with the helmet on (now that’s exaggerating a bit) and dreamt of the day when I would slide it over my head and mount my first motorcycle. I did not have to wait to long and my dream came true and I purchased a 1989 Honda CBR400 Hurricane. I was in “heaven” and there was no stopping me now.

Fast forward 20 years, a couple of bikes with quite a number of different manufacturers later and I still have that Nolan Helmet packed away. And can I share a secret? I still purchase a helmet before I purchase a new bike. So, Looking back, it is interesting to note, when comparing the helmets I have accumulated over the years, the improvements in technology and how many styles have evolved.

There is a helmet for everyone and every riding occasion.


Over the years on the saddle, I’ve come to appreciate the wearing of a suitable, well fit motorcycle helmet, as well as experiencing the discomfort of the unsuitable and ill fit one.

Apart from the comfort a well fit helmet will give you, the most important criteria is the safety aspect. We are fortunate in that most helmets and especially the brand name ones are thoroughly tested and certified to meet minimum safety standards. It is not called a crash helmet for nothing.


It is my sincerest wish to help you make the right choice so that each outing with your motorcycle will give you the opportunity of making a lasting memory.

All the best,

Vivian J Young


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  1. Hello Vivian, It is nice to read about your experiences and your passion with helmets and motorcycles.

    I am a motorcyclist as well and I resonate with your feelings of joy and freedom while riding motorcyclists. I also had a Nolan helmet and it actually saved my head very well during and unfortunate run in with some diesel on the road that I came across during the pouring rain.

    I have recently traveled and ridden a bike in the USA and I am always concerned for the riders who choose to not wear a helmet even though it is legal to do so, I think it is a no brainer that wearing helmet and the rest of the protective gear is part of owning and riding a motorcycle.

    Happy riding



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