Best Value Motorcycle Helmets – Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet Part 2

Open-Face-HelmetHi to all my fellow riders.

This is Post 2 and follows my previous post where I discussed the cruiser motorcycle helmet with specific emphasis on the full face bike helmets. You can read Part 1 here.

This post will carry on where I left off, and will be discussing the best motorcycle helmet for a cruiser. I will discuss the very popular and cool half motorcycle helmets and cool open face motorcycle helmets.

As an extra, I will be touching on vintage and leather motorcycle helmets which is making a popular comeback. More about these later on.

Lastly, I will discuss my choice and why I choose that specific helmet.

I really hope you enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed researching and sharing it with you.

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Cool Half Motorcycle Helmets

These helmets epitomises the cruiser lifestyle. If there is one helmet style that stands out above most others and screams “freedom”, it is the half face motorcycle helmet.

These helmets are known to be customized and owners love to design and spray-paint unique works of art on them.

They are not the safest helmets out there but still better than when wearing no helmet at all. The rider who wears a half face helmet, purchases it more for the looks (nothing wrong with that, I own an Airo Union Jack open face helmet) than for the safety aspects.

I have chosen 3 very good-looking helmets which I will discuss now.

VCAN Cruiser Half Face Helmet

Priced around the U$45 mark

The VCAN cruiser half helmet or “shorty” as it is commonly known, is one of the lightest half helmets on the market. With its thermoplastic resin outer shell for extra strength and the comfortable padded and washable inner liner, this is the simplest helmet you can wear.

It has the reliable double D-ring with nylon chin strap for fastening. “Shorty” meets and exceeds DOT standards for that extra piece of mind.

If you look for a simplistic, no-nonsense cruiser helmet, the VCAN cruiser half helmet is for you.

Best price found for you is here.


Shark X-Drak Helmet

Priced from U$240 mark

The Shark Drak helmet is a good crossover between the open face and the half helmet and looks amazing.

The Shark X-Drak helmet is based on a trail type old-school helmet. It has a removable peak and it comes with a drop down visor as standard. The chin-shield that comes with this helmet fastens into the side of the helmet and can be removed.

The interior liner is of good quality material and very comfortable. It has cut-out side panels for fitting relevant motorcycle helmet communication systems. This helmet, even though it is a half-open type helmet, comes with built-in ventilation for keeping the top of your head cool.

For fastening, it uses the ratchet type buckle system.

The Drak is DOT approved and can be classified as a premium type half helmet. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Well worth purchasing and best price I found for you is here.

Bell Pit Boss Helmet

Priced from U$140 up to U$340 mark (you can get the helmet fitted with the SENA SMH10H-FM BT headset)

The Bell Pit Boss helmet has a low profile which helps reduce the “mushroom-head” effect you get on some half helmets. With its very well constructed shell consisting of Kevlar, Carbon and Fiberglass layers, it ensures a sturdy helmet which is DOT approved.

The helmet fits very comfortably and should be true to normal size. A great feature with the Bell Pit Boss helmet is the “Bell speed-dial adjustable fit system” which is located at the back of the helmet and helps to adjust the snugness of this helmet even while on the move. This is a great system and helps ensure that your Pit Boss helmet fits correctly.

The Pit Boss comes with a removable peak visor as well as an internal sun-shield that works great.

As mentioned above, you can get the Bell Pit Boss helmet already fitted with a SENA SMH10H-FM Bluetooth headset.

This is truly a great looking helmet and with the added advantage that the fit can be adjusted to suit your head. The Pit Boss comes with a 5-year warranty and really worth the purchase.

My research showed that the best price for this helmet is here.

Cool Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

As I have mentioned before; when you see a rider that has just finished his ride and all that is noticeable is the white of his teeth (with maybe a bug or 2 between his teeth) because of smiling from ear-to-ear, then you can be certain that he probably was wearing an open face helmet.

Like the half face helmet, the open face is very popular with cruisers all over the world. Being light, offering a bit more protection around the ears and side of the head and very easy to slip on, it is well worth considering.

There are so many helmet accessories that can be added these days, that you can really fit this helmet to suit any riding style.

I discuss 2 open face helmets which really stand out from the rest.

Vega Open Face Helmet (Bombs Away graphics)

Priced from around U$65 mark

This helmet is classified with the retro open face motorcycle helmets that are becoming so popular these days. It is DOT approved and with the “Bombs away graphic” style, it is a handsome lid. It is a unisex helmet and although vintage in style, it has all the modern features, including the moisture wicking interior liner, a removable external visor and the trusted D-ring buckled strap.

The Vega open face helmet comes with a 5-year defect warranty.

My research showed the best price for you here.

Shoei J Cruise Helmet

Priced from U$570 mark

A premium brand, Shoei open face helmets, have set the mark with their Shoei J Cruise helmet. The Shoei J Cruise 2 has just landed and features the latest advances both technically, in comfort and function.

Arguably the most comfortable open face helmet, the Shoei J Cruise 2 is DOT approved. Very lightweight with a removable peak visor (now 5mm longer than the previous model) and adjustable internal sun shield. The PinLock ready face shield is larger now and ensures 99% UV protection to your whole face. The removable interior liner keeps your head dry and the quick release ratchet chin strap ensures a firm fit.

A truly premium open face helmet from a premium brand.

Best price researched for you please look here.

Vintage Leather Motorcycle Helmets

Hanmi Global Vintage helmet

Priced from U$45 mark

Really classified as a novelty vintage motorcycle helmet. It looks great and the removable neck protector and ear muffs do a good job in cold weather. The helmet is made from artificial leather and comes with a quick release chin strap. The goggles come with the helmet but cannot be worn over prescription glasses and to be honest, is just for the show. The goggle lenses cause a bit of vision distortion when on. I do recommend purchasing proper motorcycle goggles or wearing sunglasses instead.

This helmet is not DOT approved.

A great novelty helmet that will look good on short bike trips and fund-raising events.


Torc T1 Retro Full Face helmet

Priced from U$240 mark

The Torc T1 retro helmet is a very well priced vintage inspired full face helmet. Its got the looks but also the modern features ensuring DOT and ECE certification and a very comfortable fit. It has 2 x modern chin vents as well as 2 x forehead vents which lets air in and 4 x rear exhaust vents for the warm air to escape.

The shield is anti-fog and scratch resistant, and is removable. The classic shield ratchet system gives that added retro profile to the helmet. The padded chin strap with D-ring buckle, ensures a safe and secure fit.

A lovely vintage looking helmet at an affordable price.


Bell Custom 500 Helmet

Prices between U$130 and U$435 mark

The Bell Custom 500 comes from the reputable Bell manufacturer and arguably the best-selling helmet in the US. The price range depends on if it is stock standard or if it is the latest premium carbon fiber version. Important to note is that even the standard version is made from fiberglass and not thermoplastic like a lot of the competition.

The interior lining is soft and durable but cannot be removed. The chin strap features the reliable double D-ring securing system.

The Bell Custom 500 helmet is also very popular because it is customizable. There are many aftermarket visor peaks and different shapes and sizes face shields to choose from.

The Bell Custom 500 helmet is an icon and should be on every motorcyclist bucket list as a second helmet.

My choice and why

I choose the Shark X-Drak

I realize that the choice of any motorcycle helmet is very personal and what is important to me may not be to somebody else. But, I think we can agree that the Shark X-Drak looks great. I love this helmet because of its versatility and ease of use. For someone like me who loves adventure riding and enjoying the scenic off-the-beaten-track, route with my bike, this helmet ticks most of the boxes, especially when it comes to ventilation. Fair enough, it is not as safe as a proper adventure helmet.

The Shark X-Drak helmet is based on a trail type old-school helmet. It has a removable peak and it comes with a drop down visor as standard. The face-shield that comes with this helmet fastens into the side of the helmet and can be removed. The interior comes ready for prescription glasses as well as the “Sharktooth” Bluetooth communication system.

The X-Drak is DOT and ECE certified and comes with a 5-year warranty.


I hope you enjoyed this 2 part post on the best value motorcycle helmets – cruiser motorcycle helmet series?

I really enjoyed researching it and to highlight the helmets that I feel earned a noteworthy mentioning. I would love to hear your comments. Please do so at the bottom of this post and I will make sure to get back to you.

Please also feel free to share this post with your fellow riders.

Keep on 2 wheels.

Kind regards


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