How to choose a Motorcycle helmet

In this post I would like to assist you and discuss how to choose a motorcycle helmet.

I realize this is a personal choice and I am not here necessarily to change your mind (although, if I can help you choose a safer option, I will), but would like to discuss the different options available and where relevant, the different applications. My goal with this post is that after reading it, you will have more information in order to make the best choice for your particular riding style and preference.

I have broken the post down to 4 main topics:

  • Cool Motorcycle Helmets
  • Motorcycle Helmets for Women
  • Motorcycle Helmets for Kids
  • Motorcycle Helmets for Pets – Doggy and Kitty

Cool motorcycle helmets

I realize that the word “cool” and how it relates to helmets is relative and what is cool to one person may not be to the next. Take for instance this Bell Rogue Half Helmet in the picture on the right, I for instance think it is absolute eye candy but for someone else they might think different.

As a human being we all try to do activities we enjoy and that make us feel better about ourselves. Activities that give us a type of “high”, an Adrenalin rush. Riding a motorcycle is no different. There is a certain perceived image that goes with riding a motorcycle and rounding that image off, is a “cool” helmet.

Let’s be honest, all helmet manufacturers whether full face, open face, adventure or half helmet, design their helmets to have some degree of coolness. They want their helmets to stand out and have some degree of visual stimuli

Now, when I say cool, I don’t mean helmets like the “Predator” or “Iron-Man” or even helmets with “Cat-Ear” stick-ons, as those will fall under the Novelty Type Helmets and Helmet accessories posts. I am only looking at the coolest, standard, off the shelf helmets. The ones you can go and purchase right now. They don’t just look great but are safe as well.

The most popular “cool” helmets, together with a short description, I will discuss next.

  • Cool adventure helmets:
    • As the name implies, these are helmets specifically for the rider who rides asphalt during the week and goes off the beaten track weekends. Best of both worlds, the adventure helmet combines some of the comfort of the full face helmet and the durability and toughness of the best dirt bike helmets. This is a cool helmet. It screams adventure and looks the part.
    • Adventure helmets have gone one step further and raised the “coolness” bar again by bringing out their adventure modular range. The coolest of these are the well priced Schuberth E1, Scorpion EXO AT950 and LS2 Pioneer Evo. Three very popular models and well worth mentioning, is the Shoei Hornet X2 ADV, AGV AX9 and the Arai Tour XD 4. I review these and the rest of my top 10 in another post.
  • Cool cruiser helmets:
    • Cruising – “…the action of sailing about in an area without a precise destination, especially for pleasure“. If you love riding as relaxed as possible, at slower speeds and enjoy the sensory experience of your surroundings, then a cool cruiser helmet is for you.
    • You have quite a wide range to choose from. From the LS2 325-1125 full face helmet, to the Freedconn Bifo1314 in modular style, to the HJC 488-573 half helmet. These are just to name a few. Almost all full face helmets and modular helmets, with the full face closure, are appropriate. There are many more styles to choose from and I have reviewed my top 10 in another post.
  • Cool half motorcycle helmets:
    • There is just something that gives the wearer of a half helmet that carefree, “I belong to the Sons of Anarchy” look. It is a very comfortable helmet with ample ventilation, visibility and freedom. I need to note, that the half helmet is not the safest of all the options of lids you can purchase, but the ones I reviewed and mention below, are all DOT approved.
    • Again, with the half helmet, you have many, many options to choose from. The 5 coolest ones, just by looks, are the Laleo Custom Vintage Harley, LS2 Rebellion, Bell Rogue (in matte black), Crazy Als Low profile (worlds smallest helmet) and the ILM half helmet with sun shield. Please see my review of the top 10.
  • Cool vintage cafe racer helmets:

    • Cafe racer motorcycles are all the hype at the moment. A retro design imitating motorcycles of the past. I love them. With this retro style, motorcycle accessories of yesteryear is making a comeback and that is no different for the motorcycle helmet. Look, if you are one of the lucky ones to own a cafe racer, it is just logical that you would want a special helmet to go with that bike. The cool advantage of the vintage cafe racer helmets, is that they look good on a cruiser, a sports bike and even an adventure bike.
    • I would like to highlight 5 helmets that epitomize this cool retro design. They are the TORC open face Route 66, TORC T1 Retro full face, CORE vintage open face, BELL riot flip-up (Matt black) and the VCOROS full face retro helmet.

Motorcycle helmets for women

I am happy to say that gone are the days when if a lady wanted to buy a helmet, she had to take what was on offer and not have the privilege of choice. More and more manufacturers are now catering for the growing number of female motorcyclists. Whether they ride as pillion or on their own bike, there is a helmet for just about any aesthetic preference.

5 Helmets worth a mention are the Typhoon G339 Women’s modular full face, the Daytona Half helmet – butterfly addition, the CUSTOM BILT women’s Raven, the LS2 Pink Muerto Spitfire and the LOHASTOUR Open face dual visor.

Motorcycle helmets for kids

As per motorcycle helmets for women, manufacturers have also caught on the necessity for motorcycle helmets for kids. There are now quite a vast choice to choose from and I mention some of the most popular below.

One very important rule I need to say upfront, is that when purchasing a helmet for your child, you will never buy a size larger, as you would for clothes. I also recommend that you physically go and fit a potential helmet before making the purchase, ensuring a good fit. Kids motorcycle helmets come with thicker inner linings which can be replaced with thinner ones as your child grows. A kids helmet should last for a couple of years before it becomes too small.

Helmets worth mentioning are the LS2 F392 junior full face, the HJC CL-Y youth full face, the Razor full face youth helmet (adventure style), the HHH DOT youth helmet and the 1STORM Street Bike Girl full face helmet.

Motorcycle helmets for pets – Doggy and Kitty

Yes, you read correctly. There are helmets, especially made for our furry companion. Why would you leave “Bruno” or “Tiger” at home, when you can take him or her for a ride with you? Designed with safety and practicality in mind, these helmets are manufactured from durable lightweight materials, ensuring the safety of your pet but keeping comfort in mind.

Helmets of noticeable mention is the ShopTrend Dog helmet with goggles, the Fdit Pet Dog Cap helmet and the LESYPET Dog/Cat helmet.


Last few words

Purchasing your motorcycle helmet is one of the most important investments you will make, other than your motorcycle. I hope that with this post, on how to choose a motorcycle helmet, I helped you with the relevant information to make an informed decision.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed sharing it. I would love to hear from you and any comments, please do so at the bottom. I wish you safe riding.

Keep it on 2 wheels.



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6 thoughts on “How to choose a Motorcycle helmet”

  1. Thank for the article, I will definitely check out some of these models. Are there any helmets with a retro look that are not half helmets. I would like to get a Bike with a Cafe Racer look, maybe a Moto Guzzi, but at the same time, I would like to have a helmet that is safer than an open one. Do you have anything to recommend?
    Thanks, I appreciate.
    Wish you the best.

  2. Hey,

    My brother is massively into motorcycles. I think he could benefit from your site, especially when he needs a new helmet.

    I enjoyed reading your article and loved how you have looked at helmets for women, children and animals too. Far too often you only see motorcycle sites tailored to men. But you have gone the extra mile here, keep it up.

    Thanks for sharing and I’ll let you know my brothers thoughts about your site.

    All the best,


  3. Thank you for a very helpful and educational article, Vivian. When I was in Bali, I saw many people riding on motorcycles. It was one of the more convenient ways to get around the island.

    And it was very important for these riders to get a helmet. Too many accidents have cause deaths of locals and tourists. And it is always highly recommended for riders in Bali to get a helmet.

    An article like this would be very helpful for those who intend to buy a motorcycle. Just like the people I just mentioned in Bali.

    And I love the part about motorcycle helmets for our pet friends! I didn’t know this was a thing. I must share this with all my friends who love pets. Even if not riding a motorcycle, it would be so cute to see them wear it. Don’t you think?

  4. Hi Vivian,

    Thanks for a very interesting and informative post! I like the way you described the different types of motorcycle helmet and also included helmets for kids and pets.

    I hope your post will inspire people to make their safety a priority and always wear a good quality helmet when riding a motorbike or a scooter.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Joonas,
      Thank you for the positive feedback.
      Yes, that is why I started this website so I could promote the safe using of helmets and to show all riders that there is a helmet for every “taste”.

      Thanx again.


  5. Awesome! I used to have a motorcycle but I had to sell it. It was a tough break-up but I’m alright, I survived. LOL Now I’m looking to buy one again and I need a new helmet as well. This post was extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing!


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